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September is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing… 
Our new academy learners will soon be beginning their journey at our Education & Sport Academies. We’re excited to welcome all of our new learners and for them to begin their education and sports development within our academy programmes, and as part of welcoming our newbies we thought we’d gather the top tips for new learners from one of our successful former Salford Red Devils Academy learners; Sam Bardsley. 
Take it away Sam… 
"Don’t ruin your time in either the 1st year or 2nd year; if you have a bad first year- just make sure to work hard in the second.  
Then on the flip side if you work hard in the 1st year don’t think you can drop off in the second." 
"Make sure you enjoy  
what you're doing" 
"Use the tutors to your advantage. They really are dedicated to making sure that you achieve the best possible results that you can during your time at the academy."  
"Don't panic about outcomes or what happens next. It'll all fall into place one way or another" 
"This is a big one... the earlier you finish your work the bigger holiday you get!!" 
These are extremely useful tips from Sam; and as someone who spent 2 years at our Salford Red Devils Education Academy- he is certainly qualified to offer advice to our new students enrolling this academic year. 
Sam graduated from Salford Red Devils this Summer having achieved the fantastic BTEC results: D*DD, and has since embarked upon a coaching apprenticeship; in partnership with Salford Red Devils Foundation, We Are Coach Core and Sports Group Ltd (Sam can be seen in the centre of the image below). Sam has also progressed onto training full-time with the Salford Red Devils 1st team; as a step up after spending time training with the professional Rugby League side whilst he was part of the Education Academy. 
Overall it is safe to say- Sam definitely made the most of his time at an Education and Sport Academy…will you? 
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