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by Jo Watson 
It’s October, which means if you’re a college student, you really should have settled in by now and be making the most out of every opportunity that comes your way. 
What if you’re not feeling too great about it, though? 
What if it was your dream to pursue your interest in football alongside your Further Education studies, and instead you’ve found that a mainstream college just isn’t the place to properly support that? 
It’s not your college’s fault – they do a fantastic job at providing a first class education. But what if this isn’t quite enough for you? 
I’ve asked 4 questions so far in this blog post, including the one in the title, and you’re still reading, which means you wouldn’t mind digging for some answers! 
Head over to our Facebook Page (Onside Sports Education) and take a look at our most recent posts, where our current Ramsbottom United Academy players logged on to put forward their views about why they chose Onside for Education, Vocation and Football over their local colleges. Here’s Suli , Luke and Tomie to kick you off… 
Suli Naveed 
Joining Rammy was difficult at first, as I was leaving friends behind and entering a new world. However, I would never turn back. Rammy is the perfect place for me – great facilities, amazing staff and hilarious team-mates. Sport is a subject I’m dedicated to and I honestly don’t think I could have chosen a better place to pursue my desired career. All that is asked of me at Rammy is to work hard… 
“After all, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” 
Luke Knight 
Joining Rammy Academy was probably the best decision I’ve made my entire life, never mind this season. 
Of course my main reason for joining the Academy was to pursue my dream of becoming a professional football player. The quality of the squad and coaches is definitely the best I’ve seen in my entire football career so far. The links that the staff have with people like Joe McLoughlin at SoccerIcon for instance will be such a huge benefit for me as I hope to succeed with a scholarship in America at the end of my two years here. Having a great education here is brilliant, as it’s a pathway to uni for lots of our lads. My plan B if I don’t make it as a player is to get involved with coaching, and I beleive that the teaching and direction here at Rammy will 100% allow me to do this. 
To be honest, when I thought about my future, I just wanted to have fun and enjoy myself with a good bunch of people, and I can happily say I am really doing this here. The squad is great and I’m really bonding with them and I can see long friendships with every team member. The staff are amazing and I really hope I can impress them because I’m really enjoying life at Rammy – I couldn’t think of anything better for me! I’m really thankful for the opportunity to play and learn with this club, it’s amazing! 
“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up” 
Tomie Aldis 
Why was joining the academy the best thing for me this year? Well to start off, I didn’t always go out much when I was at school, and that’s no life for a 16 year old lad. I felt that if I joined a place of education where I’d be able to interact with likeminded but different people, I’d be getting out a lot more. It felt right straight away at Rammy, and the lads accepted me like one of their brothers. Secondly, before choosing where I’d continue my education, my confidence wasn’t very high and I wasn’t great at talking to anyone personally about anything. However, the team and great staff have made me feel that I can talk to anyone of them about any issue I may have. Finally, I believed that working towards my sporting ambitions would be a lot more successful with a Football Academy rather than a standard college. The level of football here at The Academy is to a really high standard, but to go with that, so are the expectations. This is what I’m determined to succeed in; exceeding expectations and enjoying myself while doing so. 
“No matter how high the expectations are, do it for yourself – the feeling at the end is priceless” 
Have our boys inspired you? Want to know more? Pick up the phone and call our Head of Education, Jo Watson, on 07866 312264 to arrange your interview for transferring to our unique Football and Education Academy – in partnership with Ramsbottom United. 
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