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A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to go and spend a Friday afternoon at our MIFA Academy where we got to sit down with two students; one a first year and the other a second year, therefore it was interesting to compare their answers and track the stages they were at as one has just begun his time at MIFA while the other is half way through. The learners were Taigh Wilson (2nd year) and Nathaniel Woodward (1st year), lets check out what they had to say below... 
Taigh was interviewed by Onside when he was a 1st year at our old Soccer Icon Academy, that academy was discontinued so Taigh opted to finish his 2nd year at our Manchester International Football Academy (MIFA). Therefore we thought it’d be nice to have a chat to him now that he is a 2nd year and find out what’s changed for him and how he’s getting along at MIFA. 
What do think of MIFA in general as an Academy? 
I think it’s really good as I really enjoy Football, and I like the lads, and the teachers are really good. 
As this is your final year do you know what you want to do afterwards? 
Yeah I’m going to University to study Sport and Business Management. 
That’s really cool! Do you know yet which University you want to attend? 
Leeds Beckett I think. 
Do you have any sporting heroes in Football? 
Not really, I mean my favourite team is Liverpool so probably like Steven Gerrard or anyone like that, centre mid-fielders like me so anyone who plays that position I try and play like them. 
What do you think about the training here? 
It’s really good! It’s really professional and I really enjoy it. Pedro’s the coach and the sub coaches are Darren and Ash who help. We train here twice a day, every day...but I’m not training today cause I’m not very well...or I said I wasn’t very well (laughs). 
Do you play for any other Football Clubs outside of MIFA? 
Yeah I play Woodbank, in a Sunday league. Well we play on a Saturday actually, but I call it a Sunday league (laughs). I’ve played in it since I was 4- so that’s 13 years. 
What made you pick an academy over a college? 
Probably just cause I knew I’d enjoy an academy more, I mean you get similar things but its more fun here. And i’m not that academic- I’m not very good at tests which is why I chose BTEC 
How do you find MIFA different from school? 
It’s completely different, I feel more settled here and a lot more free as well- you get to do more things that you like and everything is a lot more chilled as well. 
Next up we spoke to Nathaniel and here is what he had to say about MIFA Academy, his hobbies outside the academy and his plans for the future. 
As a 1st year at MIFA what do you think of the academy so far? 
The education side is really good, the tutors are really enthusiastic with the theory side of things. As far as the practical playing side I’ve not been participating as I’m injured at the moment, but the training is good as they’re professional coaches. 
Do you know what you want to do at the end of your 2 years at MIFA? 
Yes I want to become a physiotherapist, at the moment I’m thinking of doing that through Salford University as it is suppose to be one of the best. 
That’s great! What has made you choose to pursue physiotherapy as a career? 
I really enjoy the theory side of the lessons here at MIFA; learning about the body etc. And in my free time I also really enjoy going to the gym and keeping fit and healthy. 
What as a 1st year would you tell any prospective students thinking about enrolling at MIFA Academy? 
I’d say it’s more fun than a traditional college as you’re not in the classroom all of the time- it’s very active. The lessons are also fun, I mean compared to school where I was doing 50 minute lessons for 6 hours a day and they were dragging, here it’s only a few lessons spread over a couple of days, and it’s on stuff you enjoy which is so much better. 
What words would you use to describe MIFA? 
Interactive and fun. 
What’s your highlight since you’ve been here, do you have a favourite game or you’ve played in or anything? 
Erm, yeah when we played Altrincham I really enjoyed that because we played really well...and I scored! So that was definitely a highlight! We won 5-3. 
What advice would you give to someone who’s looking at coming to a sports academy? 
I’d say you’ve got to work hard but remember to enjoy it at the same time, if you don’t enjoy it then there’s no point. Especially at this academy though you need to work hard, there are so many opportunities available for you if you do put the work in. 
Was P.E your favourite subject at school? 
Yeah, well the physical part was. The theory was really hard and I didn’t really like that, but the actual P.E was good. 
And how do you find the theory lessons here at the academy? Are they engaging and fun? 
They are, the tutors make it as practical as they can. For example, at the moment we’re making our own Football scheme and then teaching the others. 
Is that as a second year you teaching the 1st years? 
No, since we’re all together at the moment it’s just all of the others who are in the lesson,but we’ll be separating in the New Year into 1st and 2nd year classes. 
That’ll be strange then it’ll all get a lot smaller...and dare we say less rowdy! 
(laughs) yeah it will! I think it’ll be better. 
What words would you use to describe MIFA? 
Fun, and a lot of teamwork goes into it and there’s a lot of nice people. 
And do you see yourself carrying on with Football in the future? 
Yeah definitely, I think I’m gonna play semi-pro next year. As in go to uni and play at the same time. 
We enjoyed our Friday afternoon out of the office at MIFA chatting to the boys, observing lessons and catching up with our tutors...speaking of which look out for our next blog post where for a change we interviewed one of our tutors Ben Pedley and put him in the spotlight to find out more about him so stay tuned for that! 
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