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To continue on from a blog we did a little while ago where we caught up with Onside tutor Ben Pedley, we thought we'd do the same again and do a feature to help people get to know our Rochdale Sacred Heart tutor; Ant Curran, a little better. Ant joined us at Onside, in summer last year as a popular addition to the team. Ant completed his undergraduate degree in Sports Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, after which he was then awarded a full scholarship by the University to do his Masters in Sports Coaching. Whilst doing his Masters degree he completed 2 years as an intern at Manchester City F.C working as a Performance Analyst. 
Then proceeded on to do a lifelong learning PGCE at the University of Huddersfield before starting work at Rochdale Sacred Heart as a tutor and coach, as part of starting work here at Onside as a tutor and an assessor. 
Ant is also currently in the final stages of completing his UEFA B license in coaching Football. 
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Biggest achievement... when I started university I set myself short, medium and long term goals that by the time I turned 25 I wanted to have achieved my undergraduate, masters, PGCE and UEFA B qualifications. By May I will have successfully completed all of this and still be 24 so as cheesy as it is that would have to be my biggest achievement. 
Why teaching... I wanted to work with a generation of children who come from difficult, potentially less privileged backgrounds who perhaps didn’t engage with school who I could then work with to re-engage them in the education process. To improve them professionally and personally and give them the opportunities which I am very grateful to have received as a young person. 
At Manchester City I also enjoyed delivering feedback to children/players aged 11-16 year old's and as I enjoyed this I thought why not combine my passion for coaching/teaching and sports; Onside and Rochdale Sacred Heart were perfect for this. 
3 words to describe yourself... honest, dedicated, and reliable. 
Best memory (slightly tough question we know haha!)... When I was in my 3rd year of uni I was captain of the 1st team and Chairman of the football club. The Football team had not won the cup in 10 years and then during my stint as captain we won the cup and the league. Then we did the same when I was completing my masters which made it back to back wins- which had never been done before, so it would have to be that! 
First job... working as a food runner/waiter at Chiquito’s. 
Best and worst subject at school... I think you'll be able to guess that my best was PE! As for worst...probably Maths, I really hated it at school and I didn’t like one of the teachers. 
Favourite place you’ve travelled... That's got to be Singapore! It was just unreal. 
Future ambitions... Go back to University and study Economics. 
Tell us something about you that no one else knows... I own a book which tells me something new every day- I'm genuinely being serious, I love it! (laughs) 
Thanks to Ant for humouring us on this and we hope you've enjoyed finding out a bit more about another one of our tutors- look out for our next one where we will be featuring another member of our staff! 
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