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As a large part of our provision is Education & Sport Academy's for those aged 16-18; we were thrilled when we secured Everton Ladies F.C. and Northern Ireland professional Footballer Simone Magill as an ambassador for Onside Education, and she became the latest guest for our podcast last week. Simone discussed her pathway to achieving her dreams of becoming a professional full-time Footballer, and we made sure to gather some tips for any of our learners who may be looking to emulate her success... 
Everton Ladies F.C.  
Northern Ireland  
Simone became the first Female Footballer in history from Northern Ireland to play for a Premier League team when she was signed full-time as a forward by Everton Ladies F.C. 
Listen to your coaches  
It may seem simple advice, however Simone stressed the importance of listening and actively taking onbaord the advice and guidance from your coaches, and she was inspired by the abilities and determination of her coaches in getting the best out of her, to progress her own future in coaching (more on that a little later!)  
Work hard  
Simone prides herself on her continuous hard work and dedication, she confided that a phrase she has always lived by: 
"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" 
The importance of working hard and applying yourself is not to be underestimated, even the most naturally talented and gifted need to apply themselves as there is no certainty of success without hard work. Simone worked tirelessly to improve and develop her skills; as a younger player she was "training every day" and she credits her success, and that of her fellow teammates as being down to that hard work and putting 110% into everything she applies herself to. 
Never give up 
The ambition of being a Footballer is one which Simone had from an early age, however for Simone the goal of becoming a Female professional Footballer was an uncommon ambition and in the podcast she expresses that for her; and indeed for her teammates it was very much an impossible dream, in that she was chasing something that was not a reality as there were no Female professional Footballers at that stage. Simone had no Female role models she could look to emulate, yet that did not hinder her tenacity and determination to enter her dream career and make that dream a reality, she hopes to be a positive role model to all others who are currently aspiring to reach that professional level in Football, as she is proof that with hard work and determination even the impossible is possible.  
There are different paths to achieving your dream 
The reality is that becoming a professional Footballer is an ambition that can be difficult to achieve, and that is where your Education can prove very useful as you may find yourself needing it to; in a sense fall back on, whilst you are working towards your goal. For instance, whilst playing competitively part-time and working towards being signed full-time, Simone completed an Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree in Coaching as well as achieving her Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor qualifications with us. 
Her progression of her education in these areas is something Simone credits with giving her a greater insight into Coaching as she gained experience from that side of the fence- giving her an appreciation and respect for the work of her coaches, as well as inspiring her to pursue a passion for coaching young people; something she regularly does alongside playing full-time for Everton. 
Everyone has to start somewhere  
A major point to take away from the podcast is that, like Simone, everyone has to start somewhere, and if you put in the focus and energy then the possibility of doing your dream job day-to-day could become a reality.  
Listen to the full podcast with Simone HERE  
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