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by Jo Watson 
According to recent newspaper sources, broomsticks are fairly popular with our kids right now. 
Sadly, this isn’t because they’ve all decided to get actively involved with the housework, or even because they’re busy getting their costumes together for Halloween. 
Apparently, the real reason is because schools around the world are introducing a ground-based version of the Harry Potter inspired ‘sport’ of Quidditch into their PE curriculum. That’s right – into their actual school timetable. Honestly – who has the time? 
At Onside, we’re all for children getting active via any enjoyable participation in sport or healthy competition, and we actively promote this in all that we do, but we have to take issue when it seems that all and any activity can be proclaimed as legitimate Physical Education in our schools. What next? All kids hoping to leave Year 6 with a Level 5 in Hide and Seek? 
Whilst we praise the creativity of childhood and, of course, love anything that gets a bit of ‘Literacy Across the Curriculum’ happening in our schools, we have to ask if this is really going to be taken seriously? Whilst I imagine broomsticks don’t cost a lot and can be fairly easily sourced and accessed, are there not better actual sports we could be looking at devoting our already short allocation of PE time to? Something from The Olympics, perhaps? 
As we’ve already stated, it really is great if something can get our kids moving (if not flying), but to put a formerly fictitious pursuit on the curriculum, when a simple lunchtime race around the playground would be sufficient, seems a little far-fetched. 
If you must insist on being one of the schools that puts this on your timetable though, remember it’s your duty under the guidance of Ofsted and the Association for PE that you should invest into a fully qualified NGB Level 2 Quidditch Coach. At Onside we run some fab courses, but this isn’t one of them. 
Once you have your coach signed up, remember that just as with any sports coach, they also need to have, or be working towards, the Level 3 in Supporting the Delivery of PE and School Sport. Now that, we can help you with… 
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